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Laboratory Services at EBPI Analytics

Biomedical and environmental regulatory toxicology encompasses the collection, processing, and evaluation of experimental toxicology data to permit educated decisions on protecting and maintaining human and environmental health against harmful effects caused by natural and synthetic chemical substances. To make these types of decisions, a battery of assays need to be performed and professionals who are proficient in the analysis and interpretation of this data are required to sift through and find the most pertinent material.

At EBPI, we not only develop and sell the tools necessary to perform toxicological assays, but we also employ professionals who have specialized education and experience in toxicological assessment. Our team of experts have post graduate experience and doctorates in toxicology, chemistry, and microbiology and, as an organization, we have over 20 years’ experience in environmental consultation. We pride ourselves in the diversity of expertise assembled at EBPI, which enables contributions from a variety of professional backgrounds to aid in problem solving.

EBPI not only possesses the means to acquire necessary toxicological data as we;

  1.  Develop, manufacture and distribute acute, subchronic, chronic toxicity, genotoxicity and mutagenicity assays
  2.  Run test samples in our specialized laboratories 

laboratory services bluemicroplateWe have the expertise on site to provide interpretation of the information collected without having to seek this advice from a secondary source.  Our team has significant experience teaching toxicology at the university level and can communicate the SIGNIFICANCE of test results clearly and easily. We feel that this fundamental aspect of the testing process ensures maximum client comprehension and satisfaction, but is often overlooked.

genotoxicity testing DNA lightupAt EBPI we have research tools, in addition to the correct staff in place, to provide consultation on toxicological assay design, data interpretation, and risk assessment. Although we specialize in genetic toxicology, our experts are proficient in hazard identification, dose-response assessment, and risk characterization.


Let our professional team maximize your project efficiency by:

  • Selecting the assay that will provide the most relevant and positive results
  • Running the assays to eliminate procedural error and sample contamination
  • Interpreting the results and formulating their presentation in a comprehensive manner
  • We can help address your toxicological inquiries at EVERY step of the way. 

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