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   Home of EBPI (Environmental Bio-detection Products Inc).

National Geographic Channel

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   EBPI's Muta-ChromoPlate kit makes a cameo on the National Gepgraphic award winning documentary "Can the Gulf Survive".

University of Toronto (Drinking Water Research Group)

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The Drinking Water Research Group (DWRG) includes researchers from the University of Toronto, government, consulting, equipment suppliers, and utilities, working together to lead innovation in drinking water quality, treatment, and distribution.

A teamwork approach to improve drinking water quality through sound research and engineering.



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The Environmental Monitoring Management Application stores environmental data in a database which allows access of the data through a geographic interface. The data stored within the database can be queried, exported, processed and re-mapped through the geographic image or map.

EMMA lite is designed to manage field measurements and images in an organized manner, allowing for easy access to site specific data.


Microbial Insights

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MicrobialInsights, Inc. (MI) is an environmental biotechnology company specializing in the development and application of cutting edge molecular biological tools (MBTs) to describe and quanitfy microbial communities.

MI is dedicated to providing superior genetic and chemical diagnostic tools to aid our clients in understanding and managing biological processes for a wide range of areas including environmental remediation, microbial induced corrosion, and microbial source tracking.


University of Windsor (Waste Water Treatment)

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Development and Testing of an Ames Fluctuation Test Kit for Determination of Genotoxicity in Water and Wastewater.

EBPI and Dr. Rajesh Seth from the University of Windsor's Engineering group have been awarded an NSERC grant to develop and calibrate alternative methods for testing levels of genotoxicity in waste water effluents.

EBPI would like to thank the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada for supporting the research. 



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   MicroBioTests Inc. is the exclusive producer worldwide of TOXKIT MICROBIOTESTS for detection and quantification of the toxicity of chemicals and/or solid and liquid wastes which pollute aquatic and terrestrial environments.